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Zeeshan Parwez is considered one of the most influential personalities in Pakistan’s music industry today, through his creative work as a Director, Music Producer and as an acclaimed musician with his band Sajid and Zeeshan, who are currently working on their second album, ‘The Harvest’. Renowned and respected for his consistent association with young talent and new creative initiatives throughout his career, Ufone Uth Records is for Zeeshan an exciting project to direct. Speaking about the project and its second season [2.0], Zeeshan has said “The initial vision of Ufone Uth records was to recognise new potential talent, give them a platform so that the ‘Uth’ comes out and tries to do something creative and at the same time have a bit of fun.
Ufone Uth Records Season One did exactly that. With Ufone Uth Records 2.0, the platform’s vision has grown to encompass more avenues for the youth through new additions and its expansion to include live concerts.Ufone Uth Records is probably, if not the only, amongst the few avenues in Pakistan that is truly promoting the ‘Uth’ involvement in music development.” asan Band for instance, and also having consistently guided younger bands and musicians with music, production and direction including Jehangir Aziz Hayat, Visaa and Irtaash. Zeeshan has also been an integral part of Coke Studio as a musiciansince it launched and then as a video director. He has also directed MTV’s popular youth television show, ‘On the Fringe’ and continues to work on a spread of projects with brands, organisations and individuals.
Zeeshan Parwez currently heads Zeepar Studios, a post production/audio studio/creative ideas facility based in Peshawar and is working closely with Ufone Uth Records as its Director.